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How to Listen

HRB's main audience is on the wards of the hospital.  Patients can tune into the station free of charge on their bedside terminals.  It is neccessary to register first, but there is NO CHARGE to do this or listen to the radio.

To register a Hospedia terminal, simply pick up the phone and press the green "operator" button and follow the instructions.

Once this is done, press the orange "radio" button and find us on channel 6.  To change channels, it is neccessary to use the channel selector + and – found at the bottom of the handset.

HRB also broadcasts online via this website and this is the way we want to reach the rest of the hospital, including nursing stations.  Simply click on the link on the right hand side of every page.

If you have any problems with our web stream, please see our page "Listen Live Help". 

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