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Most Requested Artists


Every year around Christmas, HRB counts down its Most Requested Artists Chart.

Regular presenters, Neil Ogden and Sarah Beattie present the countdown, which is compiled from requests and dedications collected since HRB went on the air in 1984.  

In 2004, the show featured the top 75, and in 2005, it was the top 100.  In January 2007, it was the top 75 again with Cliff still there at the top.

In 2008, Neil and Sarah were joined by Steve Fox for the top 80.  

 For the chart broadcast on January 11 2009, Neil and Sarah were joined by HRB's original presenter Steve Fox and, all the way from Auckland New Zealand, Andy McCormick to celebrate HRB's 25th birthday..

In 2010, David Blower returned to join in and the chart was expanded to include the top 100.

In 2011, we got ambitious – the top 100 with Neil, Sarah, Steve, David and, live from Spain, Vernon Pearce.  We decided to push the boundaries of technology – and on the whole it worked really well.  

Sarah Beattie, Steve Fox, Neil Ogden and David Blower – the Most Requested Artists of the 21st Century

In 2012, we decided on a change – from the Most requested Ever to the Most Requested of the 21st Century.  This time the whole station was involved with the top 150 starting the previous weekend on New Years Day and everyone counting down 2 sopngs on their shows.  The Top 100 were left to Sarah, Steve, David and Neil though and the number one – Robbie Williams