All Your Favourites at Basingstoke and North Hants Hospital
    SUNDAY 22 OCTOBER 2017
5:30 AM   Gordon Low The Music Box
6:00 AM   Peter Grogan  Best of British Classical Music 
7:00 PM   Martyn Brown  Vinyl Impressions 
8:00 PM   Ray Oxley  The Classic Chart Show
9:00 AM     HRB Weekend Morning Mix
10:00 AM   Episode Four Pet Shock Boys Strangeness In Space 
10:30 AM   Phil Smith  Elvis Uncharted 
11:00 AM   Chris Clark  Before the Beatles
12:00 PM   Gary Jackson  The Gary Jackson Show 
2:00 PM   Episode Five Home is Where The Heart Is Strangeness in Space
2:30 PM   Iain Smith  At The Hop 
3:00 PM   Episode Six Dark Meta Strangeness in Space
3:30 PM   Neil Ogden  The Sound of Sunday including Alton Classic Car Show highlights and 2 episodes of Superman 1940s Style
5:00 PM   Matt Oakley Music on Demand with Sainsbury's at Liphook
7:00 PM   Vernon Pearce Sound of Country
8:00 PM   Dallas and Camo Nashville Access
9:00 PM   Terry Firth  Looking Back Cuba Missile Crisis October 1962
10:00 PM   Colin Hanslip The Chill Factor 
12:00 PM   Vernon Pearce The Love Songs Hour 
1:00 AM     HRB Classic Gold
2:00 AM     HRB Nightshift




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