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Technical Fault Responses

This page has replies to recent technical faults that have been reported.

Studio 2 OFFER light not working

Bulb has now been replaced

“RCD Light not working RESWITCHOVER”

No idea what this is referring to.  Which light?  Studio 1, 2 or 3?  Can’t find a light that is not working.  

“Studio 2 log on to MAIN to set up program.  On completion went back to 6.00pm to check set up correct.  Myriad started to have a fit.  Would not stop reversing in time.  Log off and on again.  Programme schedule still in reverse time wise.  Eventually it stopped either 9/10 April 19.

No idea how Myriad can “have a fit”, I have not heard of this technical(?) term, but closing Myriad completely back to desktop would solve whatever you did to cause this (rather than just logging out).

Loud crackle on news channel

We are aware of this – see last Station night)

TV won’t switch on

TV turned on fine when the button on the back was pressed.

Myriad was playing tracks yet none were showing in any of the four carts.

There are 99,9999 carts.  Whatever was playing must have been in one of these and being played in one of the 8 cart players.

Myriad this box bottom LHS froze during the programme also the <>30795 for calling up tracks froze interesting for first half hour.

Absolutely no idea what this refers to or means as it doesn’t make grammatical sense.  If Myriad was still working though nothing was frozen.  Sometimes a dialogue box gets stuck behind something else if it hasn’t been closed preventing something from being selected.  Sounds like that or other user error.