This is the WARD VISITORS application form.  To apply to be a full member of the station which will include presenting on air, click here to fill in the application form. 

 HRB is looking to expand its team once more by recruiting new members whose job it will be to visit the wards primarily during the day (but if you're only available in the evenings, that's still fine), promote the station, talk to the patients and collect requests to play later in the day.

This is part of our ongoing aim to promote the station and its wide variety of shows around the wards more.

You should be aged 18 or over, available at least once a week during the daytime or early evening.  You will be expected to make a regular weekly commitment to the role and you will also need to complete the usual DBS check form.

Your two references will be followed up during your initial training period.  Neither reference should be family members or anyone already involved with HRB.

If you are interested, please complete the application form below.

(if you don't hear from us within 7 days, please email telling us when you applied and we will get back tyo you).

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