Hospital Radio Basingstoke


To mark the 50th anniveraary of hospital radio in Basingstoke, we’ve gathered together some memorable moments from the last 5 decades on video and audio.

50 Years of hospital radio in Basingstoke – the story so far

North Hants Medical Fund Bed Push 2017 Highlights (originally covered live in 2017)

The Sound of Sunday live from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park March 2016 (1 hour highlights version)

The night that Germany beat Brazil 7-1 at the 2014 World Cup finals with half the goals being scored during two links during Neil Smithers’ show

The Olympic Torch comes to Basingstoke 11 July 2012

New Studio Opening April 2009

Basingstoke Carnival Radio 1992

Carnival Procession 1990

Panto Horse Racing at the Tadley Treacle Fair 1988