Hospital Radio Basingstoke

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Inga Adomaviciute

Joined HRB: 2023

Lena C

Wednesdays 8 - 10pm


MUSICAL LIKES: Pretty much anything that I can sing along or dance to

MUSICAL DISLIKES: Meat Loaf (sorry)

FAVOURITE NON HRB ACTIVITY: Family life and all that comes with it.


FAVOURITE TV: A good box set

BEST THING ABOUT HRB: The variety of different characters



April Haywood

Saturdays 3 - 5pm

Joined HRB: 2017

Musical Likes: 80s – Spandau Ballet & 90s Il Divo, Katherine Jenkins, Classical crossover

 Musical Dislikes: Hard rock

Favourite TV: Emmerdale and Coronation Street

Favourite Sport: Swimming

Hugh Higgins

Tuesdays 1 - 3pm

Joined HRB: 2015

Musical Likes: Soul, Motown

Favourite TV: Coronation Street

Favourite Sport: Football

Melanie Hill
Musical Likes: Pop, Euro pop, dance, 70's, 80's, 90's
Musical Dislikes: Classical
Favourite Non-HRB Activity: Walking
Favourite TV: Line of Duty
Margot Konitzer

Mondays 6pm

Joined: 2021

Musical Likes: Pop, classical, Blues, folk, country, dance, house, electronic, indoe, reggae, R&B, soul, Latin, Motown

Musical Dislikes: Heavy metal, rap, punk, hip hop

Favourite Non HRB Activity: Dancing Argentine Tango

Favourite Sport: Tennis


John McKay

Tuesdays 8pm

Musical Likes: Most music from the 60s to present

Favourite sport: Ice Hockey


Elliot Moyle

Thursdays - Fridays 12 - 1pm

Joined HRB: 2016

Musical Likes: Quite happy listening to most music. Favourite artists include Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran and Sia

Musical Dislikes: Not a huge fan of Opera, Heavy Metal, Grunge. Hate Rihanna with a passion.who gets song inspiration from furniture?!

Favourite Non-HRB Activity: Assistant Scout Leader for the 1st Ash Vale Scout Group. Many of my weekends over the spring and summer months are spent lighting fires, walking 5 minutes to the toilet and sleeping in a tent.

Favourite TV: Don't have time to watch a huge amount of telly, but I make sure that The Apprentice and Top Gear (when it was Clarckson, Hammond and May) are on series record. Other favourite shows include Family Guy, Mike & Molly, Friends, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.

Favourite Sport: I would say that I'm probably the least sporty person amongst my friends.  i don't follow Football or any other sports. The furthest my sporting goes is the odd game of rounders or quick cricket with the Scouts.

Neil Ogden

Sundays 1.30 / Monday & Tuesday 12pm / Saturday 5pm

Joined HRB: 1990

Musical Likes:  Anything that has a catchy tune

Best HRB Moments: Live from the wards shows and anything that involves interacting with the patients, successfully producing a live 2 hour show from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in 2016, being nominated for and winning National Hospital Radio Awards in multiple years.

Favourite TV: Blue Peter, Saturday morning TV

Hospital Radio Outside HRB: Programming Advisor and National Hospital Radio Awards Competition Coordinator for the Hospital Broadcasting Association.  Park Champion volunteer at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Favourite Non-HRB Activity: Swimming, Cycling, Volunteering at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


Mark Paine

Thursdays 7 - 10pm

Joined HRB: 2019

Musical Likes: A bit of everything
Musical Dislikes: Classical
Favourite Non-HRB Activity: Travelling
Favourite Sport: Football
Favourite TV: Breaking Bad
Best Thing About HRB: It’s a blend of everything you could want in a radio station!


Jon Perkin

Fridays 6pm / Wednesdays 12pm

Joined HRB: 2020

Musical Likes: Motown, soul, punk, 60s - 90s pop, rock, blues, contemporary country, reggae

Musical Dislikes: Rap, hip hop, really heavy metal, opera

Favourite Non HRB Activity: Cycling, cooking, DIY

Favourite TV: Dramas, Sci fi, sport

Favourite Sport: Rugby union, cycling, cricket, football


Scott Rawlings

Mondays 8pm

Joined HRB: 2021

Musical Likes: Absolutely everything apart from Jazz
Musical Dislikes: I guess that would be Jazz
Favourite Non HRB Activity: Exercise!!!
Favourite Sport: Tennis and Coaching my son's football team
Favourite TV: Tom Williams answer to this question wins
BEST_THING_ABOUT_HRB: The history and the interaction with listeners
Daisy Redford
Thursdays 7pm
Joined HRB: 2021
Musical Likes: Years & Years, Queen, Dua Lipa
Musical Dislikes: Classical, Heavy Metal
Favourite Non-HRB Activity: Reading
Favourite Sport: Badminton
Favourite TV: Game of Thrones
Best Thing About HRB: Discovering new Music
Dave Sanger

Thursdays 5pm every 3 weeks

Joined HRB: January 2009

Musical Likes: Rock, blues, folk, electronic, dance, some light classics

Musical Dislikes: Country and Western, "crooners"

David Saunderson
Roger Scott

Friday 4pm

Year Joined HRB: 2014

Favourite Music: Pop, country, blues, rock, soul, popular classics

Musical Dislikes: Hip Hop, punk, heavy metal, electronic, chamber music

Favourite Non-HRB Activity: Travel and finance and avid supporter of Reading FC for 55 years

Favourite TV: Thrillers, sport, documentaries, chat shows

Favourite Sport: Football, athletics and summer Olympics, most competitive national team events

Paul Turner

Joined HRB: October 2003

Musical Likes: Abba, The Beatles, and weird stuff

Favourite TV: Neighbours

Enjoys Most About HRB: The fundraising

Hilary Wells

Joined HRB: October 2007

Musical Likes: Too many to mention

Musical Dislikes: Rock n roll, Blues, Jazz, opera

Favourite Non HRB Activity: Travelling

Tom Williams

Fridays 8pm

Joined HRB: 2019

Musical Likes: The Killers, ABBA, Queen

Musical Dislikes: Nothing too aggressive/heavy

Favourite Non HRB Activity: Playing Rugby, Golf, Cricket & Football

Favourite TV:LG OLED65C9PLA (2019) OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Favourite Sport: Rugby, Golf, Cricket & Football

Mark Winwood

Year Joined HRB: 2012

Musical Likes: All types of music from the paat
Musical Dislikes: Most of current music
Favourite Non-HRB Activity: Writing
Favourite Sport: Football watching and golf playing
Favourite TV: Match of the day
BEST_THING_ABOUT_HRB: The chance to make a difference for those who are patients in hospital