Hospital Radio Basingstoke

Honorary membership of Hospital Radio Basingstoke is granted to members who have contributed something significant and special during their time with us.


The person who created the first hospital radio station in Basingstoke, Mini Radio, which went on air on 28 April 1972.  Mike is now the station’s Honorary President, and still keeps in touch with us and comes to see us from time to time.


The last person to be heard on Chairman Mike’s Mini Radio and the first to be heard on HRB, Steve was a member for 13 years.   He served on the committee as Public Relations Officer and Station Manager during that time and presented mostly on a Thursday evening.  He went on to be one of the team that successfully applied for the licence for a commercial radio station in Basingstoke and was part of that station, Kestrel FM, for 14 years until it became The Breeze in December 2012.  He has made annual appearances on HRB for the last few years co-presenting the annual Most Requested Chart countdown and now returns once every few momths to present a show alongside David Blower.


Paul and Nigel (from Winchester Hospital Radio) gave HRB their engineering expertise for 6 months to help resolve a number of technical problems.


Vernon was a regular on Delta FM in Alton before coming to Basingstoke, presenting on a Wednesday evening and then on weekday afternoons before recording a range of different shows that get rotated around our schedule.  After moving to Spain, he started his regular Pastcard from Spain which can now be heard once a month.  Vernon also served as Treasurer on the committee.


Brian was Vernon’s successor as Treasurer and then took over as the Project Manager of the station’s move to a new building in 2008.  He oversaw the whole project putting in a large number of hours making sure all went according to plan.


David joined Chairman Mike’s Mini Radio in the summer of 1977 and remained a member of CMMR and then HRB for 20 years.  During that time, he spent 4 years as Chairman and presented a variety of shows, including being part of the Thursday Crew alongside Steve Fox and Lynton Boulton.  Since leaving in 1997, he has continued to stay in touch with the station and now returns along with Steve Fox on a semi-regular basis to present a Sunday lunchtime show.


Paul was involved with hospital radio for over 30 years and was one of the founding members of Treloar Hospital Radio in Alton in the early 70s.  When the station was forced to close when the hospital was shut, Paul went on to host a regular Sunday evening request show on Wey Valley Radio which became Delta FM.  He became involved in HRB in March 2007, and promoted HRB around the Alton area with outside events and talks about hospital and community radio to local groups and organisations.  He was also the drawmaster for the weekly Sainsburys prize draw and the inspiration behind some of our many outside broadcasts.   

Paul sadly passed away in April 2018 after a long illness.  


Marilyn was the Chairman at the time when HRB finally realised its dream of moving to new studios in 2008.  She put a lot of time and effert into managing the project and moving things forward, helping to raise the money needed to do so.  A large proportion of those funds came from being hte Mayror’s Charity, something that she successfully applied to be.