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95,000 Requests and Counting

95,000 requests and counting

HRB has passed another request milestone by playing its 95000th request.

The station has kept a running total of requests since 1984 and played number 95000 on Thursday 28 July as part of an evening where over 30 requests were collected and played by presenters Sarah Beattie and Melisa Montagnon. 

The request was played for Wendy on E1, who was pleased to have requested this particular one as it also won her a prize – the infamous HRB mug.  The prize was delivered and presented on air by presenter Neil Ogden as part of the show, and he found everyone else in the ward listening out for their requests too.

The request that was played was "You're All That I Need to Get By" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. 

At the rate of around 1000 requests every 3 months, the next Milestone is due in the autumn.

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