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The Big Broadcast for National Hospital Broadcasting Week

HRB's Dave Warren was part of the team that brought you the third Big Broadcast.  The show started at 12pm on Easter Sunday and ran for 24 hours live on up to 33 hospital radio stations around the UK.

The show came from the A to Z of Pop studio in Lancashire, where Richard Smith usually presents The A to Z of Pop from every day on HRB.  Some of those stations taking the show also took part in the A to Z of Pop Trivia Challenge, and there was a 4 hour request show on Easter Sunday evening featuring requests from around the UK.

On Easter Monday morning, there was even an hour live from a hot tub!

HRB was one of those stations which took part in the Trivia Challenge – and came out on top with the highest score of 22 out of 22.  An improvement on the 3 out of 22 we got on New Year's Eve!

It was all a huge success and hopefully it won't be too long before there will be another Big broadcast.

 Preparing the News Live from the Hot Tub
This is the news from the hot tub  


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