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Boxing Day Programme Highlights


Boxing Day Music on Demand

Boxing Day 12 – 4pm

John McCay and Elliot Moyle keep you entertained on Boxing Day afternoon with more requests and Christmas features.  They will also keep an eye on the Boxing Day sport. 


G Floor Jukebox: The Nutcracker

Boxing Day 5pm

A Storynory production of the classic story with music by Tchaikovsky from his famous ballet.

Clara and Fritz have a very special godfather who makes inventions out of clockwork  (or perhaps they are magical) and his Christmas presents are always amazing and wonderful. This year he gives them something rather small and simple –  a nutcracker-doll in the form of a soldier. It’s rather ugly, and soon it is broken, but Clara loves it all the same. And then it comes to life and proves himself to be a true hero.

The original book in German, “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” was by ETA Hoffmann, who wrote it in 1816. This is a Storynory adaptation, with music and magic.

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