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The Magic of the Musicals

New Year's Eve saw the second Big Broadcast hosted by Richard Smith and his team live for 20 hours from his studio in Lancashire.

The programme was heard on 30 hospital radio stations in UK and Ireland from 4pm on New Year's Eve until 12 noon on New Year's Day playing dedications for those listening in hospitals around the UK.

Patients at Basingstoke were able to call free to the studio thanks to Hospedia's Christmas and New Year free phone calls offer, and Betty on D5 was the person chosen to be represented by presenter Neil Ogden in the A to Z of Pop Trivia Challenge, winning a £10 Sainsbury's gift card.

Lots of people joined in from around the country – and beyond with Hospital Broadcasting Assiociation President June Snowden phoning in live from aboard her cruise ship in Malta.

Another very successful event for hospital radio stations everywhere and apparently the next one is already being planned!

Richard returns to his normal one hour shows in the morning and evening on 2 January.

NYE Big Broadcast


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