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Celebrating National Volunteers Week 2016

National Volunteers Week 2016

HRB will be helping to celebrate National Volunteers Week 2016

There are 163,800 charities in the UK, and over half of charities have an income of less than £10,000. The charity sector’s total income is £36.7 billion.  The week celebrates volunteers and all the good work that they do.

With the estimated number of people volunteering at least once a month in the UK at 15.2 million, no wonder this has become an important role in our society.

Joining Christine Rowley in the Studio will be Helena Maskell, Senior Fundraising Manager for St Michael’s Hospice, who also started out as a volunteer with the Hospice. She will be talking about how important this role is to the organisation and more about how you can become involved with this great Charity.

Also taking part in the show will be a number of volunteers from the Hospice and other local charities, sharing their own personal experiences with Christine about how they started volunteering, what they do and how they benefit.

Community Matters for National Volunteers Week – Monday 6 June 2 – 4pm

Just before that show, you can hear a repeat of the 1000th Sound of Sunday that was broadcasting live from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in March.  The show included an interview with one of the many volunteers that are part of the Park Champions volunteering scheme. 

Neil Ogden's 1000th Sound of Sunday – Monday 6 June 1 – 2pm

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