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Christmas Highlights 17 – 23 December

Music On Demand

Throughout Christmas

We have request shows (Music on Demand) throughout Christmas.  Patients can call free from their bedside phones, staff can call extension 4 3 5 2 1 and requests can also be made via the HRB website at


The A to Z of Pop – Live

Weekdays (not Tuesday) 11 – 22 December 1pm

Richard presents live editions of The A to Z of Pop each show based around a letter of the alphabet.  The twist is that he won’t know which letter it will be until his special guest reveals that letter at the start of each show.  What could possibly go wrong!  There’ll be a Mystery Voice feature and a Christmas song for each letter too.


Vinyl Impressions Christmas Specials

Throughout Christmas

Martyn Brown presents a selection of Christmas music all on vinyl including on Saturday 23 December at 8pm a countdown of the most popular Christmas songs on vinyl.


Matt Monro’s Christmas Box

Tuesday 19 December 6pm

Matt Monro’s daughter Michele presents this special show produced especially for hospital radio, which contains some of Matt’s favourite festive songs.


The Sound of Sunday: The Great Christmas Cracker Dash

As well as around the wards on 10 December, we have two other Christmas Cracker Dash specials.

Cherry Blossom Manor Friday 22 December 2pm

Bishopswood Court in Tadley Saturday 23 December 1.30  – 3pm


The Secret of Santa’s Sleigh

Saturday 23 December 1pm

Just how does Santa’s Sleigh get its power to travel the whole world in one night!


Mouse is puzzled when she sees Jingles; a Christmas elf dressed walking around the park one September evening.  Overcome with curiosity, the nosy rodent follows him into a circus tent.  He seems engrossed with a beautiful pot.  When Mouse tries to discover what he is up to, she causes the Elf to drop the pot.  When she sees how upset he is and how important the pot is to him, she embarks on the challenge to get it back.


Dansette Diamonds

Part 1 23 December 6pm

Part 2 Boxing Day 7pm

Part 3 Wednesday 27 December 5pm

Part 4 Saturday 30 December 7pm

Part 5 New Year’s Eve 4pm

Part 6 New Year’s Day 5pm

You may have thought it was just the Americans that did rock’n’roll.   Most of the time you’d probably be right, but British acts did have a go too, and Gary Jackson has put together a 6 part series with the very best (and worst).   


There’ll be artists you’ve probably never heard of, but prepare to be surprised too.

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