Hospital Radio Basingstoke


One the UK's biggest sporting events can be heard live on HRB this month.

The Great North run attracts people to take part from all over the country and takes place in the city of Newcastle.  In fact it starts right outside the door of the studios to local hospital radio station Radio Tyneside.

Their award winning coverage of the event has been heard on HRB for the last few years as they make it available for other hospital radio stations to broadcast, meaning that patients can hear the event on their bedside radios without having to pay to watch the TV coverage.

The programme wil start at 9am and continue until 11 and then HRB will return for the second hour of the Sunday AM programme which as well as music will include more coverage of the race.

The Great North Run Live, Sunday 9 September at 9am

Sunday Am including The Great North Run Sunday 9 September at 12pm.



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