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HRB Christmas Highlights 18 – 24 December 2016


HRB Christmas Pantos

Throughout Christmas

They've been part of HRB at Christmas for nearly 30 years and they're back again. The five HRB Christmas pantos starring HRB past members can be heard at various times.

Richard Smith’s A to Z of Christmas

Sunday 18 December 11am

Monday 19 December – Friday 23 December 10am

Think of every Christmas song you can and you’ll probably find just about all of them during Richard’s special Christmas shows. 


The Sound of Country: Long Road Out of Eden

Sunday 18 December 2016 7pm

A special edition of The Sound of Country dedicated to the Eagles’ last and very special album Long Road out of Eden.


The Vintage Christmas Years with Jim Simpson

Monday 19 December 4pm

The best Christmas music from the 1920s through to the 1960s with “Vintage Jim”


Richard Smith’s A to Z of Christmas Through the Decades

Monday 19 December – Thursday 22 December 10pm

Friday 23 December 8pm

Christmas Day 9am

Boxing Day 7am

Richard Smith gives the A to Z treatment to the Christmas music of the last 7 decades in 7 special one-hour shows during Christmas week. 


Acceptable 80s Christmas

Monday 19 December 11pm

Paul Baker plays the best music that Christmas in the 80s had to offer.


Fabulous Fifties Christmas

Tuesday 20 December 2016 4pm

Les Peckham presents some great Christmas music from the 1950s.


Sounds of the 50s Christmas Special

Wednesday 21 December 2016 4pm

Paul Le Feuvre picks some more 1950s Christmas music


Non Stop 90s Christmas Special

Wednesday 21 December 6pm

Paul Baker plays an hour of festive 90s tunes. 


Vinyl Impressions Christmas Countdown

Thursday 22 December 2pm

Martyn Brown counts down the top 60 most popular Christmas tunes , all played on vinyl in a special 4 hour show. 


The Wolfman Jack Radio Show

Throughout Christmas 

Wolfman Jack is the most famous US radio personality of all time. He was immortalised in the movie 'American Graffiti' and was also the host of the long running NBC music series 'The Midnight Special'. Millions of people listened to him every night on radio for the howling sounds and great music he played.

When the Wolfman went to Rock & Roll Heaven in 1995, the tapes of all his shows had been locked in a vault and hidden away. Some months ago, those tapes were found, digitally remastered and started to appear on the radio all over again.

There was only one radio legend like Wolfman Jack and he's on HRB this Christmas throughout Christmas week.


The Christmas Quiz

Friday 23 December 4pm

Boxing Day 2pm

Carl Richards tests your knowledge of the Festive season in this two-part Christmas quiz show you can play along with.


Matt Monro's Christmas Box

Friday 23 December 9pm

Matt Monro's daughter Michelle presents this special show produced especially for hospital radio, which contains some of Matt's favourite festive songs.


Paul Baker’s Mystery Top 40 Christmas Countdown

Friday 23 December 2016 10pm

Paul Baker presents a special 2 hour edition of the Mystery Top 40, counting down the top 40 best selling Christmas songs of all time.


Pick A Word Christmas Special

Christmas Eve 8am

Paul Le Feuvre presents a Christmas-themed edition with lots of festive favourites and probably one or two you might not have heard for a while.


Christmas Carol Service

As Christmas Eve turns to Christmas Day, HRB takes you to the Milborne Chapel in Northumberland to join Dave Nicholson for a carol service recorded especially for hospital radio listeners.

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