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HRB Opens its Doors for Volunteers Week

HRB has exciting plans for the future with its return to broadcasting to DAB in the coming months and wish to recruit more members to expand the service offered to the hospital and wider area.

As part of that plan and as part of Volunteers Week the station will be opening its doors on Friday 7 June to invite friends of the station, staff at the hospital and special guests to come along and see for themselves behind the scenes at how the station works.

Anyone interested in being a volunteer with the station is also invited to come along and find out more about how Basingstoke’s multi award winning hospital radio station works for themselves and maybe even apply there and then!

HRB’s “Showing Off” Day will run from 11am until 6pm on Friday 7 June and as well as being part of Volunteers Week will also be part of the Big Weekend, which encourages new volunteers for all sorts of charitable causes.

The day will follow a similar format to the special day that was held last year to mark 75 years of the NHS, which was nominated for an award at the recent National Hospital Radio Awards.



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