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HRB to Cover Last Day of the Premier League

HRB will, as usual, seek to bring all the excitement of the final day of this year's Premier League season to its listeners in a special show on Sunday 19 May.

All the 10 matches on that day kick off at 4pm and although the title has been decided, there will still be many other issues to be decided.

The programme will be presented by Neil Ogden as an extension to the regular Sunday afternoon show The Sound of Sunday.  Neil says "The last day of the Premier League is an event in itself and even those not into football the rest of the time get interested in what's happening.  Last year we had both Manchester United and Manchester City fans listening and of course it was the most dramatic end to the afternoon there will probably ever be."

Manchester City won the title with almost the last kick of the season.

There will be reporters at all 10 games who will report live whenever there is a goal along with previews and regular updates and after-match reports.

The Sound of Sunday: Last Day of the Premier League is on HRB on Sunday 19 May from 1.30 – 5.30pm.

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