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HRB Visits Helping Hands

Helping Hands is an organisation set up by former HRB member Dave Smith that supports blind people in Basingstoke and organises activities for them.

Christine Rowley from HRB was invited by Dave to talk about HRB to its members.  Sher writes:

When the Helping Hands for the Blind Association Group contacted me and asked me to come along to their meeting and do a presentation on HRB, I said “yes I would love to”.  I then put the phone down and thought what am I going to do?

I decided that as Powerpoint was out, how about a taster of our shows and feature something like guess the year, song and artist.  Dave originally said come along for ½ an hour, but 2 hours later I was still there.  What a welcome I was given, straight away after just 5 minutes everyone was joining in and asking lots of questions.

The guess the year, song and artist was far too easy for these budding DJs and music listeners, so I had to test them even further with when and where in the chart did this song reach.

Once I got into the detail of how HRB is run and what we do for shows, covering events and volunteer roles, I was asked questions such as;

o        How does HRB monitor their shows?

o        How do we compare to other stations on Hospedia?

o        Are there any volunteering roles for Blind People?

o        Are you allowed to run adverts?

o        How many volunteers does HRB have?

o        Who judges the National Hospital Awards and what are the categories

In the end, I interviewed 4 people and 3 took part in my show.

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