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Just LIke the Queen and Paddington Bear

In 2012, HRB celebrated the 40th aniversary of the start of hospital radio in Basingstoke.  We tracked down as many past members as we could to get together for one fantastic afternoon on the actual date that Mini Radio started – 28 April 1972.

But it was 1984 when HRB itself began, taking over where CMMR had left off 12 months earlier, and that will make it 30 years ago this weekend since that day.

So just like the Queen and Paddington Bear, HRB has two bithdays, and we'll be marking the occasion this weekend by remembering that very first show on HRB, whilst Terry Firth will take you back to rhe music and headlines of that week 30 years ago in Looking Back on Sunday evening.  There are plans afoot to gather together some of the founder HRB members later on in the year for a special show.

So whilst the main anniversary will always be April 28th, 11 January is significant too and on the occasion of HRB itself being 30, it's only right we should mark it.

So just like The Queen and Paddington Bear, HRB will mark two birthdays this year!


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