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New Programme to Showcase the Work of Carers

A new programme is coming to HRB that highlights the work of the UK’s carers.

The 15-part series focusses on people who are caring for others during the Coronavirus crisis.   Funding for the programme has been provided through the Audio Content Fund for the programmes, which will be short-form interviews with carers and those they care for.  The programme was initially offered to community, commercial and online radio stations but now the whole series has been offered to hospital radio stations too.  
John Dash, who’s part of the team producing ‘Caring for Carers’, said: “The series looks at how this important and amazing group of people are coping during this pandemic and what lessons we can learn from them as we all strive to care that bit more for others during these times.”
The series will feature stories and experiences carers are having to deal with at this very difficult time through the covid 19 crisis, with advice, information and support. 
This series of 15 x 4 minute audio features will be presented by the well known TV and Radio personality Gyles Brandreth,  and there will be interviews with many carers along with the people they care for.  
Here the series on HRB during the Mix shows at Breakfast and throughout the day from May.
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