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The A to Z of Pop Goes Live for Christmas!

Richard Smith has been presenting The A to Z of Pop for nearly 20 years but only on one previous occasion has the show ever been live – until now.

Richard is no stranger to live radio.  As well as commentating on football, he has also hosted The BIG Broadcast for most of the last decade entertaining hospital radio audiences around the UK and Ireland and even as far afield as Australia.  

But now, The A to Z of Pop is going live in a daily show for Christmas for 2 weeks from 11 December – and there’s a twist.

Richard will invite a listener to decide the letter he will be using for the show at the start so he won’t know what the letter to be until he goes on air. What could possibly go wrong?

Listeners can phone in too with song suggestions and there will be other features within the show.

To hear Richard accept the challenge, tune in Monday, and Wednesday – Friday at 1pm for 2 weeks from 1 December.


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