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The Springheel’d Saga comes to HRB

The Springheel’d Saga

Sunday 28 December 10pm Episode One

The Ghost of Clapham Common

“Wonderfully confident and full of bravura.” Dirk Maggs

“Thrilling” Guardian

The Springheel Saga, Series One

Episode 1, The Ghost Of Clapham Common.

London, 1837. A terrifying apparition stalks the night! Constable Jonah Smith must avoid a pair of vicious killers in his hunt for the mysterious figure who will come to be known as… Springheel Jack!

Starring: Charlie Adams, Andrew MacBean, Christopher Finney, Matt Jure, Lizzie Goodall, Catlin Birley, Jack Bowman Ben Whitehead, Simon Cruise, Colin Holt, Jonathan Hansler, Ceri Gifford and Julian Glover

WINNER! Silver Ogle Award Best Fantasy Audio Production of the Year 2013!

Monday 29 December 10pm

Episode Two The Crypt of Evil

“World-class audio drama…”  Global City Radio


Smith’s desperate race to capture the mysterious Springheel Jack before he strikes again sends him on a dangerous hunt through London’s darkest shadows … and into the crypt of evil!


Starring: Christopher Finney, Matt Jure, Jessica Dennis, Jack Bowman, Ben Whitehead, Ceri Gifford, Colin Holt, Nick Lucas, Andrew Macbean, Caitlin Birley, Ashley Munson, Simon Cruise, Jamie Cartwright, Trevor Cuthbertson, with David Benson and Julian Glover.


Tuesday 30 December 10pm

Episode Three: The Face of the Fiend.

As the forces of darkness threaten to frame an innocent man for the monstrous attacks, Smith and Charlotte must escape the villainous Lord Wayland and solve the mystery of Springheel Jack – or die in the attempt!

Starring : Christopher Finney, Matthew Jure, Jessica Dennis, Lizzie Goodall, Jack Bowman, Ben Whitehead, Ceri Gifford, Colin Holt, Jamie Cartwright , Debbie Leigh-Simmons , Jonathan Hansler, Mariele Runacre Temple, Trevor Cuthbertson, Andrew Macbean , Charlie Adams

Series two comes to HRB in the new year

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