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35th Anniversary of Hospital Radio In Basingstoke – April 2007

HRB celebrated the 35th anniversary of the start of the first hospital radio service at Basingstoke's hospital in several ways.  

We repeated some of our 30th birthday party from 5 years ago which featured interviews with ex-members and a bit of reminiscing about the past.

Then, someone who was one of the founding members of the station back in the early 70s, Phil Farlow, returned to guest host a show on HRB.  He presented "Sunday Best", a selection of all sorts of different music.  

Finally, our neighbours at Hospital Radio Reading came to see us in their Golden Jaguar car which they are using to promote their fiftieth anniversary later this year.  Phil interviewed Norman and Gerard from the station live on air.

Here are the photos of the day…

dcp_0618 cam-0001
dcp_0620 cam-0002
dcp_0621 cam-0004
dcp_0626 cam-0006
cam-0008 cam-0009
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