Hospital Radio Basingstoke


On 4th April 2007, HRB opened its doors to the staff at Basingstoke and North Hants Hospital to come and see the station in action and see what we do and how we do it.

We had live shows on the air all day from 10am.  After a slow start, we had a very busy morning and early afternoon with lots of staff curious to see what actually goes on in running a radio station.

We linked up with Delta FM in Bordon and with Hospital Radio Hastings who were also on the air during that day.

We even had our first Brain Teaser competition winner 

Thanks to everyone who came and saw us and we will be doing it again in the future.

open_day_g_floor_and_finance_dept_2 finance_department_listening
open_day_g_floor_and_finance_dept gazette_extra_11_april_2007
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