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Abseiling to Raise Money

It’s an event that has been done several times before at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, and this Sunday 100 fundraisers dressed s Santa will be abseiling down the side of the main building at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital raising money for the Hampshire Hospitals Charity.

The building is 75 feet high and there will be 100 volunteers fundraising for the charity, which raises money to improve the wellbeing of and support for the staff and patients at the hospitals that are part of Hampshire Hospitals.

And following in the footsteps of previous HRB presenters Steff Cocks, Nate Freeman, Dave Warren and Simon Penn, this time it will be HRB’s Scott Rawlings who will be abseiling live on air. 

HRB will be covering the whole event starting at 9am on Saturday morning (18 November).  


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