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Christmas Highlights Week One 13 – 19 December

Music On Demand
Throughout Christmas
We have request shows (Music on Demand) throughout Christmas. Patients can call free from their bedside phones, staff can call extension 4 3 5 2 1 and requests can also be made via the HRB website at

The Sound Of Sunday Big Christmas Show
Sunday 13 December 1 – 5.30pm
The traditional start of the HRB Christmas schedule, not so big as usual but still with crackers, requests and special guests and the reveal of the 112,000th request.

Vinyl Impressions Christmas Specials
Throughout Christmas
Martyn Brown presents a selection of Christmas music all on vinyl.

Richard Smith’s A to Z of Pop for Christmas
Throughout Christmas
Christmas songs galore plus a Motown Christmas special and a show for each decade from the 60s

Looking Back with Terry Firth
A look back at the local and national news stories and the music from December and Christmas from the past.
December 1988 – 13 December 9pm
Christmas 1964 – A Very Merry Beatles Christmas 19 December 5pm
Christmas 1940 – 20 December 9pm
Christmas 1993 – 21 December 3pm
Christmas 1992 – 22 December 3pm
Christmas 2002 – 23 December 6pm
Christmas 1965 – Christmas Eve 10pm
The Story of Swing – 27 December 2pm
December 1991 – 28 December 5pm

Jim Stevens Beatles Bonanza Countdown
Saturday 19 December 7pm
Jim Stevens play the favourite Beatles songs of 15 British and American celebrities and explains why they chose them. The show finishes with a run-down of the Top 10 songs chosen by listeners.

Mystery Top 40 Christmas Countdown
Saturday 19 December 11am
Paul Baker counts down the biggest selling Christmas songs


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