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Christmas Starts with Plenty of Crackers

Unfortunately there are no pantos this year and it isn’t possible to go around the wards but that won’t stop the show that traditionally opens HRB’s Christmas schedule from going ahead.

Usually preseter Neil Ogden is joined by some of the casts of the local pantos and the Great Cristmas Cracker Dash team spend a couple of hours pulling crackers with patients and staff around the wards.

This year though things will sound a little different.

There are still plenty of special guests though as daughter of singer Matt Monro, Michele, chats about the brand new documentary that marks what would have been her father’s 90th birthday.

Former HRB member Martin Parsons will be talking about his new Doctor Who DVD that is out this Christmas as wwelll as his efforts to help; bring live theatre back to life.

Vernon Pearce will jojn in live from Spain where he presents his monthly postcard show from and Richard Smith will look ahead to this year’s BIG Broadcast on New Year’s Eve.

And last but not least there WILL be crackers thanks to the staff and residents of St Thomas Care home in Basingstoke who will be joining in with cracker jokes and requests.

3 weeks 9f festive shows will follow but Christmas on HRB will officially start at 1pm on Sunday 13 December.

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