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Crackers, Guests and Requests

The Sound of Sunday Big Christmas Show is back for 2020 with over 4 hours of entertainment launching Christmas on HRB on Sunday afternoon.

The show will sound a bit different this year as there are no ward visits so no pulling of crackers around the wards, and there is no panto to for the staff to win tickets to see, but there is plenty else promised, and there will still be plenty of cracker pulling.

Former HRB member Martin Parsons will be talking about his new Doctor Who DVD that is out this Christmas.

HRB’s Vernon Pearce will be talking about his Christmas Day Postcard from Spain.

Richard Smith will be talking about the plans for this year’s New Year’s Eve Big Broadcast.

Michele Monro, daughter of Matt Monro will be talking about the brand new 4 part documentary about her father that can be heard on HRB this Christmas to mark what would have been his 90th birthday.

And finally, there will be crackers – The Great Christmas Cracker Dash this year will be with the residents and staff of St Thmas Care Home in Basingstoke who will be pulling crackers, telling the jokes and then hearing their requests.

Finally, the 112,000th request to be played on HRB will be revealed.

It’s not quite the same as usual but it will still be four and a half hours of fast moving Christmas entertainment.

Sunday 13 December 1pm on HRB.


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