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Gaby Roslin to Host Special Show for Day of Reflection on HRB

Gaby Roslin will be presenting a special show on HRB to mark the national Day of Reflection on Sunday 3 March.

The anniversary of the first UK lockdown, March 23, marked the inaugural Day of Reflection in 2021 but this year it moves to the new date of March 3, in line with the UK Commission on Covid Commemoration’s recommendation that the day be held on the first Sunday in March each year.

Radio will continue to feature heavily in the public engagement, acknowledging the vital role the medium played in connecting communities particularly during the pandemic.

The programme ‘Sound Not Silence’ will focus on the importance of music in supporting people with their grief and feature a range of voices and stories relating to songs and music as a source of comfort and connection.

Hear this special programme, Sound not Silence,  on HRB on Sunday 3 March at 11.30am.


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