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HRB Opens its doors again

Once again HRB is opening its doors to the staff at Basingstoke and North Hampshrie Hospital while at the same time trying to fit in as many requests in 13 hours as possble.

Any member of staff is invited to come along and see inside their award winning hospital radio station and find out how it works, and what it does at the hospital.  Everyone who comes along will be able to take part in a raffle to win a bottle of champagne and an HRB mug.

Visitors will get to see the studios including the brand new computer system and programmes will be live all day playing non-stop requests for patients on the wards and those who visit can request a song too.

Last year, 114 requests were played during 13 hours of live shows. This year, Music on Demand will once again start at 9am with the open day 10am – 6pm.  Live shows will then continue into the evening until 10pm.

HRB's Open Day is on Friday 12 September from 10am – 6pm

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