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Live at The Bus Rally


HRB spent Sunday lunchtime on July 17th at one of the UK's biggest bus rallies.

It takes place at Anstey Park in Alton and features more than 150 Buses and Coaches of all shapes and sizes from a variety of eras and operating areas. In addition there was a large display of other types of vehicles including Classic Cars, Lorries, Motorcycles, Vans, Emergency Services and Military vehicles.

DSC_3136DS 2 (640 x 480)


Elliot Moyle and Payge Aitchison presented a live 90 minute show from the event, having a look around, talking to some of those who were there and even finnishing the show live from the top deck of an open top bus as it headed off into Alton Town Centre.

It was an excellent event to be part of and hopefully we'll be back next year to do it again!

Listen out for the edited highlights on HRB soon.


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