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Long Service Award

It was going to be just another normal Monday evening for our chairman Dave Leonard, but we couldn't let the 20th anniversary of him joining the station go by without something to mark the occasion could we!

23rd July 2001 was the date.  It all started when some of our past members started to show up just before 9pm.  They started with ex-childrens' show presenters Neale Adams and Paul Streeter and they were followed by many more including our honorary member Steve Fox.

Then at 9pm, instead of the genuine news, a specially recorded news bulletin by IRN's Simon Cadman was played in, surprising everyone. 

Then the fun really started.  Steve presented Dave with two certificates, one for 18 years which he should have got two years ago, but didn't because of the fire, and the other, the proper 20 year Long Service Award from the HBA. 

At the same time, our Honorary President Chairman Mike called in to join in the fun and as the applause was dying down after all of that, a certain Chris Tarrant left his greeting.

It was a good evening all round, a chance for past members to get together again and to meet some of the new team, and see around the new studios, and a chance to remember some of the many good times from the last few years, and look forward to all the good times to come in the next 20 years!!

Thanks to all those who came along and took part in the evening's fun.

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