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Richard Smith Celebrates 10 Years

It was in 2003 when a serious road traffic accident changed Richard Smith's life.  But out of that event came a radio show that is now heard on over 90 radio stations!

Yes it's true.  Richard Smith started recording his show during his recovery 10 years ago.  It was around the time when stations were starting to use computers to play programmes when there were no live shows being broadcast.  The need for shows to fill that time was therefore increasing.

The A to Z of Pop helped fill that gap, but soon became popular and was heard more and more.

HRB was one of the first stations to use the show, originally at 4pm on a Friday afternoon, but nowadays it can be heard every day of the week.

This Monday, Richard presents a special show celebrating the anniversary.  He looks back at some of the different themed shows which marked various events of the last decade such as the Olympics and Jubilee, and of course as always there is some great music.

So help Richard celebrate 10 Years of the A to Z of Pop, on Bank Holiday Monday at 9pm.

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