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Sunday Night 70s and 80s

It was another fast moving entertainment filled New Year's Eve BIG Broadcast as Richard Smith and his team once again hit the airwaves for 24 hours for the UK's biggest radio party.

More than 40 stations took part in the show, nearly 50 requests were played, loads of e-mails and twitter messages (almost 300 at the last count) and numerous phone calls coming through all the time, they  were certainly kept busy all the way through the show.
The Panto ‘Aladdin’ was just one of the highlights of the 24 hours along with a live performance by Burnley singer Jess McGlinchey, a ‘live’ phone call from Go West’s Richard Drummie on New Years Day was also a surprise, who’d have thought that he’d be listening to The New Years Eve BIG Broadcast?
A whole host of celebrities took part in ‘Room 101’ consigning their least favourite song to the depths never to be played again (until the next time of course). Thanks to all the stations who submitted information about themselves so they could be advertised to a wider audience.
Thanks to all the team who provided the show and make it all work seamlessly and thanks to the HRB listeners who took part with requests and participants in the competition.  Get ready for the next one on 31 December 2018!




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