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Abseiling Live on HRB


HRB will be covering the forthcoming abseil that is being organised to raise money for the Naorth Hampshire Medical Fund – and Chairman Dave Warren will be broadcasting live on air at the same time as taking part.

The charity raises money to purchase equipment at the Basingstoke and North Hants Hospital, and around 50 people will be taking part, each raising upwards of £150 towards the cost of two items of equipment in particular.

An Intravascular ultrasound for Cardiac patients
Cost £55,000

A Lung function testing with body plethysmography
Cost £82,836

The event will take place at the back of the hospital near The Ark and Dave will be broadcasting live as he climbs down the 60 feet height of the building.  Roger Scott and Melisa Montagnon will be presenting the show, describing the event and talking to some of those taking part.

North Hants Medical Fund Abseil Live – Saturday 3 October 11.45am on HRB



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