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Balloons Over Basingstoke 2007


What a great weekend Balloons Over Basingstoke was in 2007  – perfect weather and some great events going on the arena culminating in the skydiving.  

The only dampner on the weekend was the fact that several of the balloon launches couldn't happen due to the foot and mouth outbreak a few miles away, but that didn't spoil the enjoyment of the thousands of people who turned out to watch everyone else.


Presenter Lora Coventry managed to get herself a free balloon flight over Basingstoke

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Friday Evening

Neil Ogden and Chloe Van Harding presented the events in the park with the children's procession arriving in the arena after going through the town and the spectacular Nightglow to round the evening off.

Sunday Afternoon

Alan Minto and Lora Coventry described the events in the park during the afternoon with all sorts going on from the dance classes to the skydiving.


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