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Cherry Blossom Manor Residents Celebrate the Jubilee with HRB

The residents of Cherry Blossom Manor Care Home in Bramley added to HRB’s Jubilee weekend schedule by choosing their favourite music and talking about their memories of the Queen and the Royal family.

In a special edition of Residents’ Requests which was broadcast on the Sunday afternoon of the bank holiday weekend, the residents talked on air about the times when they had seen or even come close to meeting her Majesty and other members of the Royal family.  One resident even has a book of photos of the times when members of the Royal family have visited Basingstoke, including when Princess Alexandra opened Basingstoke’s hospital in 1974.

Presenter Neil Ogden said “It was great to hear the residents talking about their memories of the Royal family.  There were some great stories and I hope that everyone involved enjoyed making the show and then listening to it. ”

The programme can be listened to or downloaded from the link below.


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