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HRB Celebrates Basingstoke’s Choirs

HRB will be celebrating some of Basingstoke’s choirs over the bank holiday weekend.

First of all Basingstoke Ladies Choir perform in Spain in a special concert recorded 6 years ago alongside a local Spanish choir.

Then, there’s another chance to hear Basingstoke Hospital’s Male Voice Choir performing for HRB on the occasion of 40 years of hospital radio in Basingstoke in 2012.

And finally a chance to hear again the Basingstoke Male Voice Choir performing a concert especially for HRB in March 2003.

The shows can be heard across August Bank Holiday weekend.

Basingstoke Ladies Choir in Spain, Saturday 27 August 9pm

Basingstoke Hospital Male Choir, Sunday 28 August 5pm

Basingstoke Male Voice Choir, Monday 29 August 10pm


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