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MIKE HARDING FOLK SHOW Mike Harding comes to HRB with his famous show with the best in folk music. 
OUT AND ABOUT LIVE FROM THE ALTON BUS RALLY AND RUNNING DAY – This event is one of the largest bus rallies in the country and we'll be there live for a special 90 minute show.  Join Elliot Moyle and Payge Aitchison on 17 July at 12pm.
THE 70TH FROYLE FETE A Sound of Sunder Summer Special comes from this annual village fete in the village of Froyle just outside Alton.  We'll be sampling the atmosphere, talking to some of those who are there, there'll be live music and we'll give 3 people the chance to win an HRB mug in the Brain Teaser.  Join Neil Ogden on 31 July at 12.30pm

MUSIC ON DEMAND FOR THE RESIDENTS OF BASINGFIELD COURT AND ASHLEY HOUSE – Our new request show for two of our local care homes continues on Sunday 7 August at 4pm.

Abseil from top
NORTH HANTS MEDICAL FUND ABSEIL – For the second year, this important hospital charity is holding a  fundraising abseil at the hospital right outside HRB's door!  We'll be there for a special hour-long show and one member of HRB will be abseiling live on air too!   Join us in the morning of Saturday 10 September.

BASINGSTOKE HALF MARATHON – It's Basingstoke's biggest event of the year and once again we'll be there live to bring you all the action.  We'll talk to some of those taking part, and describe the action as it takes place around the roads of North Hampshire.  Sunday 2 October from 10.30am.

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The Reel Music Show

Paul J Rose

Wake up with 2 hours of music from TV and films


HRB Nightshift

Relaxing Music through the night


Easy Like Sunday Morning

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The Best of British Classical Music

Peter Grogan

On The Sunny Side of the Street

Ken Anton

HRB Morning Mix

News and features

The Classic Chart Show

Ray Oxley

HRB Classic Gold

60s, 70s and 80s

Vernon Pearce

Postcard from Spain

The Magic of the Musicals


Neil Ogden's Sound of Sunday Series 30

Music on Demand at the Weekend

Neil Ogden

The Sound of Sunday continues with Residents Requests

Vinyl Impressions

Martyn Brown

An hour of music on vinyl - crackles and all.  Each show plays music on a different theme from modern pop to old gold and rare.


St Michael's Church Basingstoke

Sunday Service

Recorded this morning




Gary Jackson

My Generation

Looking Back with Terry Firth

Terry Firth goes back to the news and music of a week in the past


The Retro Radio Show

Andy Henly