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The Biggest Hospital Radio Party of the Year

It will be the show that spans two decades.  From 12pm on New Year’s Eve, Richard Smith and his team will be on air for 24 hours of entertainment direct from Lancashire on over 40 hospital radio stations around the UK.

There’ll be quizzes and competitions, requests, dedications, live music, a pantomime and much more.  

The show will be live across the UK on 40 stations and listeners of all of them can take part by requesting a song via the phone number 033 33 601 301 which is free from Hospedia  phones or go to and complete the request form. You can also watch the presenters in action on the studio webcams at the Big Broadcast website!

There will be a bonus this year as well with additional shows before and after the main event.  So the whole show starts at 10am on New Year’s Eve and goes right through to 2pm on New Year’s Day.


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