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Wake up with the Wolfman

The Wolfman Jack Radio Show

Monday 22 December 6 – 8am

Tuesday 23 December 6 – 8am

Christmas Eve 6 – 8am

Boxing Day 6 – 8pm

Tuesday 30 December 4 – 6pm

Wolfman Jack is the most famous US radio personality of all time. He was immortalised in the movie 'American Graffiti' and was also the host of the long running NBC music series 'The Midnight Special'. Millions of people listened to him every night on radio for the howling sounds and great music he played.

When the Wolfman went to Rock & Roll Heaven in 1995, the tapes of all his shows had been locked in a vault and hidden away. Some months ago, those tapes were found, digitally remastered and started to appear on the radio all over again.

There was only one radio legend like Wolfman Jack and he's on HRB this Christmas throughout Christmas week.

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