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Easing Back to Normal

The last few months have seen many challenges for HRB and hospital radio.  Over and above everything, with no visiting allowed in the hospital, there has been no personal contact with our listeners on the wards.

But we have continued to produce a 24 hours a day schedule of programmes including request shows and we have continued to receive phone calls throughout this time.

We have continued to play requests and we have continued to update our listeners with news and information from the hospital and the local area.  Our “Mix” shows have contained features and interviews with local charities and organisations as well as daily coronavirus updates. 

Our presenters have continued to present their shows, using technology to record their shows from home, or even do it live from home.  We have upgraded our internet connection and various items of equipment to do that, which will all still be there in the future to help us produce our programmes.

As we gradually ease back into some normality, our programmes are gradually returning to the studio, although without being able to visit the wards, there is no immediate rush.  

Our schedule has varied over the last few weeks with a range of shows brought in to fill some of the gaps.  We have our summer of specials continuing over the coming weeks, documentaries donated to hospital radio by Bauer Media stations such as Jazz FM and Absolute Radio.

With a lack of events happening around the area this year, we haven’t been able to get out and about, so we went back into the archives and repeated those events from the last few years, Basingstoke Transport Festival, B Love, Alton’s Party in the Park, Popley Festival among them with more to come on the Sound of Sunday Summer Show in August.

We’ll be covering the last day of the Premier League season and plans are afoot for an FA Cup Final special too and our specials continue throughout August.  

Hopefully we’l be able to get back to the wards at some point this autumn and we look forward to being able to provide a full schedule of all our programmes normally again.






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