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Extra Time to Celebrate 30 Years

Neil Ogden’s Sound of Sunday celebrates 30 years on air this year and to celebrate the show will be on for an extra hour each Sunday until 21st March.

The extra hour will be used to look back at some of the highlights of the last 30 years, some of the many special guests and outside broadcasts.

Included among those highlights will be the show’s visit to Guernsey in 2016, the special programme remembering the soundtrack of the children’s TV series Mysterious Cities of Gold, and the award nominated interview with Drummer John in 2019.

The oldest clips will be from the first outside event that the show covered back in 1992 when the hospital staff staged a fun day on the playing fields in front of Park Prewett.

The extra hour will follow the main show each Sunday from 4 – 5pm from Sunday 31 March – Sunday 21st March which will be the special birthday show.  





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