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It was on 14 October 2012 that HRB gave away the first goody bag donated by Sainsbury's at Liphook.  Five years on and the weekly prize draw has become one of the station's most popular features and has made hundreds of patients winners.

Every weekend, everyone who has a request isgiven a number, and the person with the number that is picked out of the big blue bag of balls is given the prize.  

The prize is donated by the Liphook branch of Sainsbury;s who originally approached the station to do a prize giveaway as part of their involvement with the local community.

Nowadays, the drawmaster each week is HRB's Paul Le Feuvre, who does the draw from his studio in Alton.  Occasionally the draw has been done from other locations including the sin bin of an ice hockey ice rink in Switzerland.  Occasionally there have been guest drawmasters too such as Team GM gold medal winneing diver Chris Mears.

This weekend will be marked with some extra prizes including HRB mugs, with three winners being picked int otal.  Closing time is 2.30 on Sunday, draw time 2.40pm.


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